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Welcome Message from the President

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As the president of KNUST Alumni Association Southeast branch , I would like to welcome you to our website. Through this website I hope that our vision of establishing the biggest and the best KNUST alumni organization in the world will realized.

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remedios de entamoeba coli quisteentamoebaremedios de entamoeba coli quiste Being the best Alumni association is something that we, as executives, strive for everyday. Through this website, we hope to offer more programs, raise more funds and scholarship money, and have a better view of our members than ever before. Our goal as executives is to directly improve the worth of a membership in the Association.

I hope that all alumni view membership in the Association as a valued part of their complete KNUST experience. And I have no doubt that many do feel this way. I have heard from countless members who?ve joined because they feel indebted to KNUST and want to continue to help the university. This was the prime reason I joined?I wanted to pay forward for the university, and I knew that the Alumni Association was deeply engaged in furthering the KNUST Alumni Association mission.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website

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